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Elements Coasters – Light


“Elements: Light” Coaster Set

Brighten up your tabletop with our “Elements: Light” coaster set, featuring a captivating blend of jewel tones in yellow, pink, purple, and green. Crafted from superior epoxy resin for durability and adorned with iridescent effects, each of the four one-of-a-kind coasters captures the essence and beauty of light. Ideal for protecting surfaces with a touch of elegance, these coasters are a radiant addition to any decor, offering a daily reminder of the clarity and joy light brings to our lives. Perfect for those who appreciate the finer details and a splash of color in their living space.


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Illuminate Your Space with the “Elements: Light” Coaster Set

Presenting a radiant beacon in our “Elements” series, the “Elements: Light” coaster set. This extraordinary quartet of one-of-a-kind coasters captures the ethereal and transformative essence of light. Crafted from the finest epoxy resin known for its durability and brilliant clarity, each coaster is a testament to the dazzling beauty of illumination.

A Prism of Colors Immerse yourself in the luminous dance of colors with each coaster, featuring iridescent effects that catch and reflect light, creating a mesmerizing display. The vibrant jewel tones of yellow, pink, purple, and green interlace within the resin, reminiscent of the first light of dawn or the last rays of sunset. These sparkling hues not only enchant the eye but also uplift the spirit, bringing a touch of brightness to any moment.

Exceptional Craftsmanship and Durability Beyond their captivating appearance, these coasters are crafted for supreme functionality. The high-quality epoxy resin provides a smooth, non-porous surface ideal for protecting your furniture against heat, moisture, and scratches. Whether for daily use or special occasions, these coasters combine aesthetic elegance with practicality, ensuring your surfaces remain pristine in style.

A Gift of Radiance Searching for a unique gift that resonates with beauty and inspiration? The “Elements: Light” coaster set is a perfect choice. Ideal for housewarmings, celebrations, or as a thoughtful gesture for loved ones, these coasters are a symbol of warmth and positivity, suited for anyone looking to brighten their home or office.

Let Light Reign in Your Home Invite the serene and vibrant essence of light into your living space with the “Elements: Light” coaster set. Let each coaster serve as a daily reminder of the joy and clarity that light brings into our lives. Enhance your decor with these exquisite pieces, and let every sip from your beverage be accompanied by a burst of radiant energy.

Step into a world where light reigns supreme. Order your “Elements: Light” coaster set today and transform your home into a haven of luminosity and charm.

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Weight 600 g
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 6 cm


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