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A View from GJ 504b Coasters


“A View from GJ 504b” Coaster Set

Discover the cosmic elegance of the “A View from GJ 504b” coaster set, part of our unique “Tiny Universe Series”. Each of the four handcrafted resin coasters is a gateway to the mesmerizing, rosy expanse of the distant planet GJ 504b, adorned with intricate celestial patterns. Crafted with a blend of metal leaf, mica powders, and vibrant pigments, these coasters capture the mysterious allure of the cosmos in rich, dynamic hues. Ideal for those looking to add a touch of interstellar wonder to their decor, they protect surfaces while inspiring conversations about the vast, beautiful universe that surrounds us.


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Introducing the latest addition to our “Tiny Universe Coaster Series” – the “A View from GJ 504b” set. This extraordinary collection of four coasters offers an unprecedented journey to the vividly hued vistas of GJ 504b, a planet known for its breathtaking, rosy glow. Crafted with artistic precision and a deep passion for the cosmos, these resin coasters bring the distant and enchanting beauty of outer space directly into your home. Each piece is a portal to the stars, featuring ethereal designs of celestial bodies, nebulous formations, and cosmic phenomena, all meticulously designed to transform your living space with a cosmic radiance.

Every coaster in the “A View from GJ 504b” set is a marvel of creativity and craftsmanship, incorporating a dazzling array of materials like lustrous metal leaf, fine mica powder, and richly saturated liquid pigments. These elements blend seamlessly to produce an array of deep, mesmerizing colors and dynamic effects that mirror the spectral beauty of the universe. The play of light across their surfaces evokes the mysterious allure of GJ 504b, inviting you to gaze into the depths of the cosmos with every use.

The inspiration for these coasters stems from the unique perspective of viewing the galaxy from GJ 504b, a perspective that promises wonder and imagination. The intricate detailing of galaxies, star clusters, and cosmic mists set against the distinctive rosy hue of GJ 504b’s atmosphere offers a glimpse into the unknown, making every sip of your drink an exploration of the far reaches of space.

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, the “Tiny Universe Coasters” are designed for practicality, offering protection for your surfaces while igniting discussions about the wonders of the universe. They are the perfect gift for stargazers, dreamers, and anyone captivated by the beauty and mystery of the cosmos.

Let the “A View from GJ 504b” coaster set serve as a daily invitation to ponder the vastness of the universe and our place within it. Bring the intrigue and beauty of space into your home with this mesmerizing set, and let every gathering be an opportunity to embark on a cosmic voyage from the comfort of your living room.

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Weight 600 g
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 6 cm


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