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A View from Venus Coasters


“A View from Venus” Coaster Set

Embark on a celestial journey with our “A View from Venus” coaster set from the “Tiny Universe Series”. Each of the four artisanal resin coasters offers a window into the cosmos through the lens of Venus, blending stunning vistas of stars, planets, and cosmic clouds. Crafted with metal leaf, mica powder, and vibrant pigments, these coasters illuminate your space with deep, shimmering colors reminiscent of the universe’s vast beauty. Perfect for safeguarding your surfaces, sparking conversations, and inspiring wonder, they’re the ultimate gift for anyone enchanted by the cosmos.


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Introducing our “Tiny Universe Coaster Series” – a spectacular journey to Venus with this remarkable set of four coasters. Step into the embrace of the cosmos, envisioned from the enchanting surface of Venus. These artisanal resin coasters bring the celestial wonder of the universe into your home, showcasing a breathtaking panorama of the cosmos, adorned with the shimmering allure of stars, distant planets, and nebulous cosmic formations, all designed to elevate your home decor with a touch of the celestial.

Each piece in the “A View from Venus” set stands as a testament to unique craftsmanship, merging the luminous elegance of metal leaf, the depth of mica powders, and the vibrancy of liquid pigments. This fusion results in a rich tapestry of colors and sparkling effects, capturing the enigmatic beauty of space. The interaction of these materials under light creates a mesmerizing display, akin to the breathtaking complexity of the universe itself.

Drawing inspiration from the vantage point of Venus, these coasters offer a distinctive and imaginative perspective of the heavens. The intricate depiction of celestial phenomena against the mythical backdrop of Venus’s surface propels your imagination into space, turning each moment of relaxation into an expedition across the cosmos.

Beyond their visual appeal, the “Tiny Universe Coasters” serve a practical purpose, shielding your surfaces from damage while sparking conversation and wonder about our place in the vastness of space. They are an ideal gift for lovers of astronomy, the dreamy-eyed, and anyone who finds joy in the cosmic ballet that unfolds above us.

Let these coasters remind you daily of the universe’s grandeur and our small yet precious part in its continuum. Welcome the mystery and splendor of the cosmos into your abode with this enchanting set, transforming every occasion into a celestial voyage without leaving your home.

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Weight 600 g
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 6 cm


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