Three Takeaways From Million Pound November

I took a challenge to lift a million pounds in November and put it out to my community to see if I could get a few other crazy women interested in joining me.  We end up with 13 teammates, calling ourselves the Seven Digit Swolesisters, and lifting over 3.1 million pounds collectively last month.  It was fun and challenging and eye opening! 



Here are my three favourite takeaways:


  1. I have the best people in my online community.  Of course, I’ve always had a suspicion this is true.  But this past month 13 strangers, some who were only connected to each other because they are connected to me, came together to support each other through reaching for the giant goal and it was completely inspiring.   It reinforced the need for me to create a community where more of us can connect to each other, providing me with ample fuel and motivation to keep building the RRM 366, which is almost ready!  The people that sign up for the waitlist here will have a three day window to jump into it for a 70% discount that will never be available again.  Sunday is the day, so get on over to that list if you want to take advantage of the deal!
  2. When it comes to setting goals, BIGGER is sometimes better.   In personal development, I’m all about setting achievable, manageable, realistic goals in order to set one’s self up for success.   Mostly because I’ve lived through the flip side, setting giant goals (CHANGE ALL THE THINGS.  LOSE ALL THE WEIGHT.  LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER), and then falling flat on my face time and again and sometimes taking months or even years to get the nerve to try something else.  For the last couple of years I’ve tried to scale things back a bit, instead breaking the giant goals into a group of smaller, less daunting pieces.  But as my friend and teammate Fabi wrote yesterday, sometimes this can lead to me playing things smaller than I need to.  So I’m adjusting my expectations of myself, and planning to dip my toe into some deeper waters this year to see what happens next. 
  3. I’m kind of a bad ass.  I’m allowed to say that, right?  I didn’t lift the most in our group, but I lifted a lot!  I set a personal goal of lifting 250,000 pounds and I crushed it, landing at 307,975 pounds for the month!    An average of just over 10,000 per day and definitely bragging rights around here.  And the mister thought the flexing was out of hand before. ?

When was the last time you set an ambitious but achievable goal for a single month?  If it’s been a while, would you like to try it again soon?  I’m planning monthly themes for the RRM 366 and another million pound month is definitely in our future.  I hope you will join me!

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