Three Great Reasons to Consider a Plus Sized Trainer

OK OK, I know, it’s frowned upon to identify a person by their body type. And I certainly don’t walk about my life with the identity ‘plus-sized’ hanging like a neon sign over my head. But this is my blog and my 2017 motto is ‘I DO WHAT I WANT’, so here we are.

The fact remains that I do wear plus sized clothing.

And I am a certified personal trainer.

Therefore, I am in fact, a plus-sized trainer.

Which is something I admittedly had trepidation to own until recently. But as one of the founding members of the Body Positive Fitness Alliance, Danielle Sonnier Lohmann, summed up so succinctly in a recent Instagram post:


“My body is not a billboard for my skill set.”  It does not reflect the considerable amount of time and energy I’ve worked toward honing my craft.  It does not reflect my education, or the successes of the more than 1000 women I cycled through my various coaching programs in 2016 alone.

With that being said, being a trainer with a plus sized body affords me a special kind of insight into the challenges some plus sized women face when it comes to movement.  Here are the top three reasons I can think of, plus a super giant bonus reason, to consider a plus sized trainer.

  1. I won’t make you do burpees

Well, that might not be entirely true. Because if your fitness level is on the advanced side and you actually enjoy them, I will absolutely include them in your program. But in most cases for my beginner exercisers, assigning burpees is entirely inappropriate.

For one they are tough and require enough strength, mobility, and power to execute two explosive movements, which is not the right place for a sedentary person to begin.

And I’m not really in the business of hurting people or setting them up for frustration by giving them exercises beyond their current level of fitness.

Because despite popular belief, my job as a trainer is not to kick your ass into oblivion, but rather to encourage you to move it safely.

I’m more likely to have you start with squat progressions, from body weight to weighted. And I’ll have you pressing dumbbells above your head in no time as well. Soon enough, we’ll combine those movements into a squat and press, eventually linking them together more explosively in a thruster.  And then burpees.  Maybe.

When your body is ready.

  1. I understand the unique challenges of moving with extra body fat

I know what it feels like to struggle tying your shoes, what it’s like to be exhausted from dressing a toddler, what it feels like to be out of breath at the top of the stairs.

And I know how to turn it around with gentle, safe, sane, and fun movement. Showing women how to take back their health from a loving perspective is my jam because I’ve lived it.  Hating yourself thin has never worked, but loving yourself healthy is entirely possible and the best gift you could give yourself.

  1. I can provide visual examples of what a plus sized body looks like exercising

It probably goes without saying, but most of the examples we have of women exercising are very lean people. But body diversity is amazing, and seeing examples of different body types doing hard things can be empowering and motivating.

I’m literally showing you that this body can do it, and yours can too.

  1. Super giant bonus! I know where all the best plus sized gear is at

From sports bras to funky leggings to cheeky tanks and tees, I can point you toward tried and tested brands with great fit, inclusive sizing, and affordable gear.

Ready to give it me a shot?  Email me here to find out what I’ve got going on right now.

Until next time,



  • Meghan

    November 19, 2017

    Are you going to be doing another RRM 366? The link says registration is closed until May 2017.

    • Amber

      November 30, 2017

      Hi Megan! I’m starting a new round of the RRM 66 in January, and am starting a brand new free course on motivation tomorrow! Register here if you’re interested: