The Sweet Spot Food Split

Food Split
I use the 75/25 rule with food fairly consistently. This means that while 75% of my food choices are nutrient dense, whole food options when possible, and the other 25% of my daily calories typically come from not-so-whole-and-nutrient-dense choices.
Because having a good balance of both makes it easy to make healthy, satisfying choices.
Because there is quite literally no wagon to be jumping on and off if all food is allowed.
Because food is nutritious and pleasurable and items from each side of the 75/25 split can be both.
Because wine.
Because having a strangle hold on a diet plan and only eating foods that are nutrient dense is not sustainable long term.
How familiar is this scenario? 100% all in rigid diet compliance for as many days as possible followed by a binge of epic proportions on the foods that you’ve been “not allowed” to eat? That “not allowed” food is far less enticing and more manageable if you just make room for it in your plan in the first place.
Some days my split looks more like 90/10, some days more like 70/30, because life happens and I’m not the kind of girl to bring my own tupperware meals to a party.
I’m in Vegas for a friend’s surprise 40th birthday right now, so it’s probably more like a 60/40 split this weekend. This reality will not send me into a tail spin of only “clean” eating for the next 5 days until I become fixated on what I can’t have, can’t take it anymore, and binge on a bag of chocolate chips. It will however make me pretty happy to be back in my own kitchen and home gym again soon. 🙂
Do you have a similar philosophy? If not, would you be willing to try it?

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