Seen Supported Loved Challenged

It’s December, and I feel pulled back and pushed forward simultaneously by the sights, sounds, and smells of the season.   The urge to reflect is high, just like the urge to plan.  Do you feel the opposing pulls too?

Today I find myself doing exactly that.  Feeling the pulls.  Examining them.  Peeking into the future with a mix of fear and delight, longing and unease, waxing and waning anxiety and peace.  Looking back at the path behind me, grimacing, steeling, blushing, and breathing. 

What a journey it’s been.  I’ve had some wins and I’ve had some losses.  I’ve learned how strong and loved I am. 

 And this reflection has me thinking of some of the wrong turns I’ve taken on this personal development path that have ultimately landed me in the right place.  Even though they hurt like hell when I was in the midst of them. 

 I no longer refer to this journey as a weight loss journey, since it has become so much more and weight loss hasn’t been my focus for so much of it.  I’ve lost my way and found it again multiple times.  I’ve taken some horrible advice and made some poor decisions that took a long time to work through and out of.  I’ve had to relearn everything I thought I knew about my body, my life, and my field, multiple times. 

 I’ve had lots of wins too on this path.  And I am a much more empathetic and effective coach and human because I went through the learning curve and, well, learned. 

 One excellent decision I made was to hire Jill Coleman and Maryalice Goldsmith as business coaches.  They’ve helped me refine my work and services so much in the last year.  I am absolutely thrilled and honoured to be a JillFit Ambassador for 2017.   I’ll now be representing Jill and her brand and have some unique opportunities to grow as a businessperson and a human because of it.    

 While discussing my RRM 366 launch with the Best of You group yesterday, I was asked what I most want my women to feel when they join my community.  What the outcome is, not only on a physical level but an emotional one.  And, just like most things that have to do with this program, the answer came pouring of my brain into my fingers with ease. 


I want my women to feel seen, supported, loved, and challenged.  Not just from me (although there will certainly be that), but from each other.  And honestly?  It is already happening in the group and we’ve only been open for a few days.  We are already a community 28 women strong, and we already lift each other up. 

When I told Maryalice that those were my intended outcomes, she asked me to explore why and to tell you about it.  She said that they were somewhat unique for someone in fitness and they said a lot about my coaching style.  She suggested I explore what influenced me to coach this way honestly with you.

You see this new thing I’ve been building, it’s somehow more of me and less of me than anything else I’ve ever done, and writing about it and creating for it has an ease to it that tells me it could be…something.  Magic.  There are no guarantees of course.  I could fall flat and fail again.  It’s happened.  It happens.  It will happen.

But then, maybe not.  Maybe not with this.

I say this project has more of me and less of me because even though I feel like I’ve never put as much time, thought, or love into something I’ve created before (other than my children, of course), it’s not actually for me.  At least, it’s not only for me.  And although I’m sure you can see the image of me in all the components, I’d rather you see your own reflection superimposed.   

This program all the things I was looking for when I started on this path, combined with the support, coaching, and community I know I needed.  It is all the best things I have to offer at an extremely affordable price.  Because I know what it’s like to long to be seen, supported, loved, and challenged, and I want you to have a safe space to be those things.  More than anything.                                                 

If you’re still reading down here, thanks again for reading my words.  For seeing me, supporting me, loving me, and challenging me.  I’ll be forever grateful.  I will pay it forward.

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