Paleo Vegan Clean (delicious) Nut Butter Cups


These little freezer chocolates are to die for.  I LOVE them.  Prep time: about 10 minutes.  Set time: about 10 minutes.  Yield: 12 delicious chocolates!

Paleo Vegan Clean (delicious) Nut Butter Cups

Nut Butter Layer

1/2 Cup nut butter of choice (substitute seed butter in for nut free)

1/2 Cup Coconut Oil

2 Tbs Maple Syrup

Line mini-muffin pan with liners.  Melt nut butter, coconut oil and syrup in a small sauce pan over low heat until combined.  Pour or spoon into mini muffin cups evenly distributing nut butter goodness.  Set in freezer while you make the chocolate top:

Chocolate Layer

4 Tbs Coconut Oil

1 Tbs raw cacao powder

2tsp maple syrup

Wash (who am I kidding, lick out, then wash) the saucepan from the nut butter layer.  Melt oil and syrup together, add cacao powder and mix until smooth.  Removed chocolates from freezer and pour or ladle the chocolate over the nut butter layer, freeze to set.  I leave these in the freezer and have one or two a day if I feel inclined!


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