New Moms Are Not a Target Market

I’ve been ranting a bit lately about predatory marketing practices and programs in the diet industry.  As women we are subjected to a barrage of messaging about our inadequacies on a daily basis, but one surefire way to land a company on my “predatory” list is to single out new mothers as a target market.

New moms are quite literally on a months long journey back to hormone regulation and rehabilitation from the trauma of birth immediately postpartum, no matter which exit strategy the baby opted for.  If she chooses to breastfeed it will take even longer to return to regular cycles.

Speaking of breastfeeding, while doing that it is important to know exactly what ingredients a mama is ingesting.  Proprietary labelling is not only a shady way to avoid telling people what the garbage they are passing off as miracle food is, it is potentially DANGEROUS to be ingesting unknown, untested ingredients while nursing.  A woman’s doctor or midwife is the only person she should be discussing supplementation while nursing with, period.


I took some great advice in the weeks immediately postpartum with my second child that I’ve passed on at least a dozen times since.  I was feeling like a stranger in the mirror, everything stretched and deflated looking, deep dark bags under my eyes, new wrinkles popping up from the lack of sleep.  I reached out to a fitness lady I respect a lot and said something along the lines of “postpartum body, argh, blah, what can I do?”  She told me to spend my days getting to know my son and figuring out breastfeeding and sleeping and cuddling whenever possible.  That there would be plenty of time to start moving but only a few short months that he would be a newborn.

Wait what?  But I’m vulnerable right now, feeling low and lacking confidence, shouldn’t you be trying to take my money?

I took that advice.  By about 4 months postpartum we had breastfeeding on lock, sleep was going well, and I was ready to start moving.  And the rest is kind of history there.

I feel so strongly that new moms need qualified, specialized rehabilitation care in those first months that I refer pregnant women and new moms out to the experts like Girls Gone Strong Advisory Board Member Jessie Mundell and Jennifer Campbell of Mama Lion Strong.  Both these women have spent time studying the postpartum body and have the skills and tools to help women restore their pelvic floor health, which is an important first step for mamas who are ready to get moving again.

New moms need support, time, and the grace to adjust to their new roles in their families.  They don’t need some random commenting on an Insta photo with a helpful suggestion to try a wrap, or an invite to a “totally free Facebook group” designed to funnel potential customers into buying a supplement product.  It’s not only dangerous but it’s also shady.




  • Terra

    August 28, 2015

    I recently signed up for a free online training session. Never did do it. And , Yup. There it was in the end. Sign up for the 21 day fix. Uhh, no thanks.

    • Amber

      August 30, 2015

      This happens so much!