Moving More in Real Life

Moving More

I use the term movement to encompass the exercise portion of my programs because I think we often get caught up in the idea that if we aren’t hitting all our workouts at full intensity and KILLING IT every time, we aren’t moving in ways that count. And that is just not true!

When it comes to moving your body quite literally every single step counts, so it is easy to “do better” all the time in tiny ways that will impact our lives significantly long term.

In this spirit I challenge my groups each week to come up with a creative move more goal for the week.

Some examples I gave them:

* Getting off the bus one stop earlier one way each day
* Parking as far as possible from the door when you shop or do errands
* Doing a lap around the grocery store before you start shopping
* Setting an alarm to stand up at your desk to stretch for a few seconds and drink some water every hour or two.

Some ideas I’ve heard so far today:

*Getting up from my desk and walking to the printer each time a page prints instead of grabbing a bunch of documents at once.
*An extra lap around the parking lot over my lunch hour.
*Walking to a further bathroom instead of the closest to my office.
*Calf raises/squats while I brush my teeth.

Can you think of some creative ways to move a little more each day? I’d love to hear your answers, leave me a comment and tell me all about it!

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