According to a vast majority of people I’ve asked, the ever elusive concept of motivation is a sticking point for personal growth in a lot of people’s lives. On a scale of 1 to Tony Robbins, where do you land when it comes to motivation? Do you want to improve?  A ton of my friends and readers do.

So I’m setting about deconstructing motivation and seeking out tools and techniques to get better at creating it in your life.  And I’ve got a brand new (free) month long course starting December 1st designed to helped you cultivate the skills and support systems necessary to stick with your goals in 2018.

The bad news is that I’m going to ask you some uncomfortable questions about what’s important to you and what you really want.

The good news is you will be surrounded by the best people (my community) and new friends, and these people will help me show you that you’re amazing, already motivated and are probably being too hard on yourself.

This is not a holiday hustle challenge. This is a “take 5-10 minutes a day for self reflection and care during the last month of 2017” challenge. I’m offering it for free but my hope is that you will find immense value in investing your time for this work. (and maybe provide some testimonials for me to useThe private Facebook group is opening today, and the first mindset email is scheduled for 3AM PST tomorrow.

There are almost 100 women signed up so far, and we’ll have exclusive #MotivatedAF merch for sale from the amazing team over at #LifeAF and some fun giveaways throughout the month.  My community is awesome.  Come see for yourself!  (Yes, you’ll need to sign up for that specific list even though you’re receiving this here. I promise not to send you double emails).

Join us here! It’s FREE.????

To ending 2017 with a bang,


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