It’s a Celebration, Baby

This summer marks 4 years since I started the Rural Rebel Mama Facebook page.  At this precise moment there are 6,221 people who have stumbled upon it and chosen to stay.  For some in my life, that doesn’t seem like much.  And I get it, the comparison trap is a real thing.  I have poured my heart and time into this project over the years.  It’s a lot of work for the work’s sake and maybe hasn’t grown as fast as it could have.  For me, it’s an effing miracle that I’ve managed to convince you to stick around.  We have gone through a lot together, you and I.  And here we are.  In case I don’t say it enough, I’m a fan of you.

I’m still compulsively sharing feelings and lessons through my keyboard in moments between momming and you are still curious enough to read them and even share them now and then.   Thanks for that, eh?  I’ve changed a ton over the years but a few things have remained constant here: my belief that you are worthy of relentless kindness and care for yourself, the value in experimenting with movement that feels good, and humour whenever possible.

I get to coach an amazing group of women toward moving their bodies in ways that feel good and taking care of themselves for the own sake’s every single day.  I love my work.

This past April I did a writing experiment, 22 stories in 28 days, and it connected us in a way I didn’t expect.  I feel like we got to know each other on a new level.  I talked to more people who read my stuff than I ever had in a single month before.  That support gave me a kick to write a book, and that first draft was turned in this week.  Thanks for that nudge, too.

My family has matured in front of your eyes.  My son was 5 months old and my daughter just over 2 years when I started sharing here, and now they are these awesome, whole human beings.  Your compassion and support while I’ve gone through the trials of parenthood has lifted me up on the darkest days.

Your willingness to share your own fears and triumphs and me toos is a recurring light in my life.

I’ve likely lost thousands of readers over the years too.  Hundreds for certain but I try not to pay too close attention to that sort of thing.  I’m not mad about it.  They’re just people who showed up and then later curated their online experience to not include my rambling.  Good on them!  I do that culling and curating business all the time.  Strong women and goats are pretty much all I see on my feed most days and I like it that way.  Life is too short for a feed and inbox full of aholes.

Anywho, I’m probably not supposed to admit that many are here but many have left too.  But, if you’ve been here for a while, you’ve probably gathered how I feel about the ‘supposed tos’ of internet personality etiquette.  Essentially I do what I want and the people that are my people stay, and the others go.  Usually quietly, thankfully.

(Side note: not sure why I’ve landed on internet personality as a title for this ode to you but I’m going with it.  I tell most people who ask that I’m a blogger.  But considering how little I use my blog it feels off.  Facebooker and Instagrammer?  Is that a thing?  Do I want it to be?  My business card says Enthusiastic Flexer, which is probably the title I enjoy the most.  A made up title including a made up word?  Super profesh.  Dream job description.)

Just a few of the rules I’ve challenged along the way:

“Don’t let them see you sweat.”

Or, do the opposite, if letting them see you sweat means showing them that sweating is ok.  Which it is.  Of course.  Both literally and figuratively!  No one has it all together, so why bother pretending we do?  Also, bodies sometimes sweat.  It’s the handy thermostat feature our bodies have.  Super okay.

“Always know the lesson before you share the experience.”

Or, you could examine your pain for the world to see. You could admit that things get hard, while they are still hard.  You could decide to stop apologizing for your humanity, or stop hiding it until a more polished version is ready. I’m not even sure I really feel most things until I gather them in colonies of characters on a page.  I certainly examine them more deeply when I do.  What if some of us never fully comprehend the lesson until we share it, somehow?  What if I never find the lesson at all and I’ve missed a chance to connect with someone over that, too?

“Always be a work in progress/strive to be smaller”

Or, you could decide that you like yourself big, and adjust your personal progress parameters so they no longer include a measure of smallness but instead include measures of fullness, not just in muscles but also in life.

“Always be funneling the sale/include a call to action.”

This is one I still struggle with.  Most of my calls to action are just requests to be seen, and if you’ve made it down here, you’ve already answered it.  Thanks for that too.  <3

Happy birthday, darling.  Thanks for reading my stuff.

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