Operation: Rural Rebel Vasectomy

My husband is having his vas deferens severed and cauterized on Monday.  Super sexy, right?

Well yeah, kinda!

The implications in the bedroom are pretty damn hot.  Post-recovery period, of course.

But even sexier than that is the fact that he is taking this permanent measure to spare me from having to start hormonal birth control again.  I took the pill for years but it messes with my system and I would rather not start it again.

My doctor mentioned the IUD option after my last pregnancy loss a few months ago, but honestly, after the trauma of the miscarriage the idea of having my cervix manually opened is not appealing on any level.  Coupled with the low dose of extra hormones that option is even less appealing.

We don’t love condoms.

The pull and pray method is too risky.

We know we are done having children.

This was not a decision that came easily, but it s right for our family.  Although I know many people go on to have perfectly healthy babies after a loss (my son was born after an earlier term miscarriage so I know this from personal experience as well), I just don’t have it in me to risk the heartbreak of miscarriage again.

Pregnancy loss is hard on the body and the soul.

My family is perfect, we have been blessed with two amazing healthy kids and I’m looking forward to our life with them.  I don’t feel like anyone is missing.

So my husband is taking one for the team and that is pretty damned awesome.  Let us have a moment of silence for his sperm count, may it bring many moments of not-silence in a few months.  😉

Have any related experiences?  I’d love to hear them, please comment below!

Thanks for reading.

xo Amber

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