Aussie Rebel Mama!

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If you’ve been following the adventure on my Facebook page you know that my family and I have temporarily relocated to the beautiful city of Perth for a short term assignment my husband accepted.  It had been in the works for months but the time between the official go ahead and leaving for the trip was only 6 (frantic) days.  2.5 weeks later, I finally feel like my head has stopped spinning and we are getting back to “normal” life, or as normal as can be expected I suppose.

This city is absolutely breathtaking.  The exotic birds, beautiful parks, unique architecture, and lovely accented (ginger) people are something else to behold.  I have resisted driving thus far, and probably won’t while here.  I have been putting at least 5-10 kilometers on my feet and our double stroller nearly daily though.  I love exploring the surrounding neighbourhoods with the kids, and we all adore soaking in the sunshine.  We are updated regularly from Canada with near disbelief that it is still snowing at home.  I was feeling a little sad that we were going to miss spring, one of my favourite seasons, but as far as I can tell it is still winter there so I’m pretty much over that.

Adjusting to city life again has been fairly easy.  I suppose I will always be a city girl at heart even though I have come to love our rural life as well.  I have to admit, it is really nice to be able to walk to multiple parks, and markets, and drugstores (chemists…ahem) here.  Maybe the novelty will wear off eventually but for now I am loving it.  It’s an adventure for sure.  My favourite part is having my husband home every night.  I think that will be one of the most difficult adjustments when we head home, having to get used to his travel schedule again (especially during the Fall months) will be tough on us all.  I’m doing my best to soak it all in and live in the moment for now.

Not exactly an easy thing to do when I am madly working toward my future as well!  In my day planner today I noticed that I am officially 6 months out of my stage goal.  Click here if you want to read about my decision to compete in the WBFF in October!  I can’t believe it’s creeping up so quickly.  To help me keep that goal in focus during this time away from home I joined Stephen Obar’s 12 Week Beach Body Challenge.  I have to say, I am SO excited about the changes I am seeing in my body once again.  I had plateaued in inches lost for a few months there while I focused on lifting and building up my muscles under my fat.  I’m now in another fat cutting stage with his guidance and am seeing big changes again, 6 inches in 4 weeks!  The craziest part for me is how much food I am eating, SO MUCH FOOD.  More than I have consumed in my weight loss journey yet.  I am also working toward a new goal, becoming a certified person trainer through the International Sports Sciences Association.  I am absolutely loving the new direction and learning the science behind the changes I am making to my body.  It hit me today that someday soon I am going to be able to help other people make their own life transformations.  I can’t even imagine how incredible that is going to be.  So exciting!  Talk to you soon!

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