Always, Always Choose to Dance


This is my best friend of almost 20 years, Tracy. We’ve grown through a LOT of versions of ourselves over the years and look at us, still together. She’s the one with the goods. The holder of all the secrets and the awkwardness. She’s seen all the ugly and insecure bits and helps me move past them because she also sees the good. She still likes me, and thank goodness for that. She holds space for me to be honest and crazy and broken and hilarious if I do say so myself.

2 years or so ago she asked me for some fitness advice. 6 months earlier she had been through a 12 week round of a “make you vomit” boot camp (her term, not mine), and was debating going back for another round. She was also toying with the idea of taking a beginner’s burlesque class instead, and wanted to know what I thought she should do.

I asked why she was looking for a way to get moving again. I was curious if the motivation was one of love ie: “my body is made to move and I want to encourage it to do that”, or one of cruelty ie: “I hate X about X and must pay at the gym.”

She told me she was feeling lethargic, restless, and ready to move. That she was craving some vitality. So I suggested she dance. I mean seriously, if we are ever discussing options and one of them is to dance, you can be pretty sure I’m going with the dancing. And as my best friend of nearly 20 years, I’m sure she knew that. But the decision was totally out of her comfort zone (girl had never taken a dance class or been on stage before), and she knew I’d give her a loving nudge off the edge to try it. Shit, she makes me choose bravery all the time, it’s the least I can do.

The boot camp will always be there.

The way you tried before will still be there if a new thing doesn’t work out, so why not try?

And try it she did. As it turns out, my decade long dance floor buddy still loves to dance. Is she burning the maximum amount of calories every time she goes to a class or rehearsal? Maybe not.  But she has found her way back to joyful movement. If she had done another round of that boot camp she would likely be in a burnout phase right now. Instead she’s practicing daily for her third performance with her burlesque troupe and she loves it. I have no doubt she will keep doing it consistently until something else catches her fancy.

Take away? My best friend is a babe, obviously. Also, fun, joyful movement is sustainable movement. When was the last time you had fun doing a workout? When is the next time you will?  If you are looking for a way to break out of the norm and try some Sensual Movement, my friend Diane Flores has an amazing program available until midnight tonight.  You can find all the details by clicking here: Sensual Movement.

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