3 Ways to Stay Motivated

How many times have you been all fired up to try something new, completely sure that this is it,  the plan that is going to keep you on track, but found your motivation seriously declining within a few days or weeks?


Ahhh, the waxing and waning of motivation, one of the most common struggles of the 100s of women I’ve helped in my groups.  In fact, it’s a common theme with clients and friends alike and one of the things I am asked about most often.

How do we find motivation?  How do we sustain it?

And more importantly, how do we keep it fired up when it naturally starts to wane with the flow of life?

The answer lies in investigating our motives for wanting the change in the first place.

Setting goals is great; challenging ourselves to achieve things that bring about personal satisfaction and happiness is absolutely a worthy pursuit.

But to be honest, setting goals is the easy part.  Sustaining the effort toward them is where it gets tricky.  Here are three tips to make it a bit easier:

1. Get real clear on why you actually want to hit that goal 

“I want to look great in a bikini” is a fine aesthetic goal, even if it is a bit abstract.  (And spoiler alert, you look GREAT in a bikini right now, BTW).

But identifying why we are working toward a goal is as important, if not more, than what the goal actually is.

Take the bikini goal.  Why is it important to don one?

Do you spend a lot of time on the beach?  Have you always wanted to wear a bikini but never had the confidence?  Do you want to model body positivity to your children?  Do you love the way they look?  Are you planning a special holiday?

Can you see how the different motivations for this one behaviour, wearing a bikini, might have different impact for someone depending on their personality?

Find your why is the first step to finding your motivation.

2. Think about how you will feel when you get to the goal

After all, isn’t the pursuit of any goal actually the pursuit of an imagined feeling?  “I want to run a marathon”  or “I want to get in shape to hike the West Coast Trail” are really saying “I want to achieve something I will be proud of.”

Sometimes we can get so caught up in what the end game might look like that we forget to ask ourselves why it is important for us to feel the way we will when we cross that finish line.

And by asking ourselves what the desired outcome is when it comes to the way we feel we free ourselves to ask another question: Is there a way that we can feel that way BEFORE we rock out that bikini/marathon/book deal (sorry, I’m projecting/manifesting on that last one).

Figuring out the desired feeling state will go a long way to helping find patience and kindness with ourselves and the process when the going gets tough.

3. Finally, get real with yourself about the work you are willing to put in to make that goal happen

Want to run an obstacle race but never climbed a rope or flipped a tire in your life?  It is time to find a place to train for that kind of event and create a schedule to hit some milestones in your training.

It is also time to carve out blocks in your schedule to practice regularly.

And if you really can’t imagine spending a few hours practicing those obstacles every week, it might be time to reconsider that particular goal.

Because setting up a realistic plan of action is the most important way to ensure the motivation sticks around for the long haul.

A good plan moves a goal from an abstract idea to a concrete set of actions, setting us up for success.

And oh man, we LOVE success!  It feeds our confidence and creates a rewarding loop of planning -> action -> success that is hard to resist.

So next time you find your nose scrunched up at yourself in the mirror and deciding it’s time to set a goal, ask yourself why you want to make that change.  Find a coach, make a plan, smash that goal, and line up the next one.

I have no doubt you will and can’t wait to hear all about it.

Thanks for reading!

xo Amber

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