The Route to Success is Paved With Support


Between running my own challenges, beta testing, competing as a participant, and supporting as a leader, I’ve worked my butt off in 10 private Facebook group fitness challenges in the last 2 years.

In these groups I’ve seen and tried lots of different approaches to the same general goals: finding and sustaining motivation to eat a calorically diverse diet consisting of a variety of whole food choices, and finding a way to move that empowers the mover.

I should note that I have not tried a detox, fix, or other short duration, product-based cleanse, program, or plan during this time. That ain’t my bag, baby.

My favourite groups are the ones where the leadership is down in the trenches, responding to people’s inquiries, insecurities, and triumphs in a timely, knowledgeable, and compassionate manner. The ones where the people you are paying to give a sh*t about your effort actually do. #unapologeticallykind

The best groups are the ones where the members are talking to each early and often. #togetherwearemighty

And I’ve noticed in my own groups that the more I and my team do to engage people with activities and daily accountability, the easier it is to keep them focused and successful.

I’m certainly not perfect, I have plenty to learn and my programs and groups will continue to evolve as I do. But I can confidently say that I am doing my best work ever for the RRM 66, and this inaugural group is already shaping up to be special.

Refine your skills in the kitchen.

Rekindle a love for movement.

Master the mindset of self-care.

It’s a journey, no doubt about it. Maybe a new route is just what you need?

For more details about the RRM 66 click here.



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