The Power of a Photo

One thing I always ask from new clients is a current photograph of themselves from the front and side view.


I hate doing it, because I remember taking that photo, and I know you’ve all seen it so I won’t bother sharing it here. But I remember, vividly, how it felt to look at myself, REALLY look at myself, that first time after I had acknowledged it was time to make a change.


Oh, and if I wasn’t feeling quite enough after that good hard look, I captured it for eternity and proceeded to share it dozens of times all over the damn place.


I felt naked it in that ugly grey dress, the one until that very moment photographed in time I thought was shapeless enough to render me invisible. All I wanted at that time in my life was to be invisible. Please just don’t see me.


I remember alright. It was a vulnerable moment forever captured.


And yet I ask for a current photo from every single one of my new clients anyway. And my knee jerk reaction when I open those photos and see that familiar grimace, sadness, question?


If only you knew how f*cking beautiful you are. How brave you are, how strong you are, and how far behind you can leave that woman in the photograph if you choose to.


I use the photos as a data entry point, something that isn’t the scale that we can track your progress through. Yes, I am looking at the ways your body is responding to my programing each check-in, but what I’m also looking for are things sometimes more subtle, a brightness in your eyes, shoulders a bit more square, that smile creeping in.


I won’t share your pictures without your express and continued consent. But I do hope that being vulnerable and taking that photo is the first step to taking your power again, or the next step in embracing your awesome.

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