The Easy 8


Cheese strings, apples, grapes, cucumbers (mini if they’ve got them), bananas, bell peppers, rotisserie chicken, eggs. These are the fresh snack items I typically keep restocked in my kitchen or other kitchens when we travel. Each of the three sources of protein (chicken, eggs, cheese) is also a source of dietary fat so it is easy to make balanced snacks and small meals out of these ingredients.

Some of the items are fairly budget friendly all year, like the chicken, apples, and cheese, but some items like the grapes and cucumbers can get pretty expensive in the winter months. I budget for them though, because my kids love them!

I’ve been stocking this Easy 8 in my kitchen for over a year, it takes no planning or extra thought in the grocery store and I always have easy snacks on hands for myself and the littles. What would be on your list?

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