Setting Up a Home Gym for Less than $100


One of the best things about working out at home is that it is relatively inexpensive to get set-up for a beginner program that ought to be able to handle your needs for at least 6-12 months. I should warn you though, it can get addictive to add new things and before you know it you may finding yourself asking for all sorts of strange items for gifts.

You’ve been warned!

OK so here’s the deal. Some of the links (the buttons, actually)that I’ve included here are affiliate links, meaning that if you purchase something through one of my links I may be compensated financially. Obviously this is not the only place you can buy these goods, but since I want to share them anyway I’ve sourced as many as possible from Amazon for this reason. #fulldisclosure and all that jazz.

The tools below have multiple uses, and with the exception of the ball take up minimal space when you’re not using them.  You don’t need tons of fancy equipment, just some basic implements that will allow you to apply resistance to your muscles in various ways.


  1. Adjustable dumbbells – $49 – These are number one for a reason. They are an excellent start to a home gym because they will allow you to progress your lifts in 5lb increments, and you will absolutely want to be able to progress.  In no time. Promise. This is probably the best $50 you’ll spend this year.


  1. MostFit Suspension Strap – $19.99 – This tool can be used for beginner to advanced level movements and is seriously, seriously fun. It also rolls up into a tiny package and can be used in any doorway, so it is the PERFECT travel workout tool. It’s on sale right now for $10 off. This is number two on my list for a reason, it is quite literally one of my very favourite non-weight tools to play with!  I love them so much I jumped on the chance to be an affiliate for MostFit when it was presented and look forward to tell you about more of their awesome products in the coming weeks and months!


  1. Resistance Loops and Bands – $9.99+ – At around 10 dollars this is an absolute must have steal of a deal, and if you order them with your Suspension Strap you’ll save on shipping. Between this and the Most Fit Suspension Straps you will not only have a sweet home gym set up for warm ups and circuits, you will also have tiny tools to get BIG workouts in on the road.
  1. Stability Ball – $10 – For a new exerciser the stability ball makes a decent stand-in for a bench during some isolated movements, AND there are tonnes of core exercises and some killer glute and hamstring movements you can do with one of these. They take up a bit of room, which is the downside, but for the nominal investment the value is top notch. Plus you can giant bowl with them, and who doesn’t love giant bowling?

So there you have it: all the tools to make a kick ass home gym for less than $100. An honorable mention here would be a heavy-ish Kettlebell, 20lbs or more.

Playing with a Kettlebell is not only fun but it makes you really feel like a bad ass. And who doesn’t like feeling bad ass?!

I hope you find this helpful!  If you’re hooking yourself up with this set-up and are thinking, “now what?”, I’m starting another group challenge on September 21st called the RRM 66.  Click here for all the details!




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