I’m officially 90ish days into operation Rural Rebel Mama.  The changes in my quality of life and self esteem are amazing.  I am proud of things I’ve done so far on my journey to full life health, and I’m confident that the next 90 days are ones I am going to be proud of too.  The difference in my body is amazing.  I’ve managed to reduce my body fat a substantial amount: an average of an inch of abdomen fat (from my waist and hip measurements) per week for 12 weeks.  I’m not sure how much I weigh.  Judging by how my clothes fit I think I’ve lost about 40lbs in the last 3 months.  Bananas.  I am actually nearing the end of my major fat cut period, and getting ready to start the real muscle build.  I look forward to hashing out a program with my new PT this month to start reaching for those goals.  Exciting stuff!

Here is my latest progress photo.  I update these on a weekly basis on my facebook page (usually Tuesdays) for accountability to myself.  I’m not sure that I will do it forever but the practice has been so motivating I’m definitely keeping it for a while.  I’ve got a long way to go but it is awesome to see how far I’ve already come too.  So without further ado:

And in the spirit of yesterday’s entry about honesty in pictures I’ll post this comparison even though that dress is not flattering at all:
To say I’m excited about the next 3 months is an understatement.


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