MostFit and RRM, a Beautiful Thing!

MostFit Announcement

YOU GUYS! I am so, so excited to announce that I’m now working with MostFit​ as an affiliate! These are the folks that make the suspension trainer I reviewed in my Home Gym for Under $100 blog last week.

So what exactly does being an affiliate mean? Basically that they’ve provided me with my own link to their products and website, and if you click through my link and make a purchase I will be paid a commission. It doesn’t make a difference in your purchase though!

It also means that I will get the inside scoop on upcoming sales, specials, and announcements so I can share them with YOU here first. And speaking of that, starting tomorrow (Thursday the 17th) and going until Sunday, there will be a HUGE sale on MostFit Suspension Straps, normally $29.99 they’ll be on sale for $15! Amazing deal on an awesome tool. Here’s my link so you can check out all the awesome products they make!

MostFit Website

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