Just Take the First Step


We hear “make one small change” all the time in the online fitness world (at least I hope you do!), but that message is a little nebulous. It’s a great theory, but what does it actually look like in practice?

In the first week of the RRM 66 I will challenge my ladies to choose one small habit to change that week. We’ll be working on habit change in three key areas, Menu, Movement, and Mindset, so participants will be asked to choose a habit associated with one of these themes and work on it for the week. The goal is to choose something that is applicable to your life, possible to achieve, and easy to measure.

Some suggestions will be things like:

* Choose veggies or a piece of fruit instead of fries for a lunch side every day (Menu)

* Drink two canteens or bottles of water every day for a week (Menu)

* Replace a sugary drink with a glass of water or cup of tea every day (Menu)

* Get off the bus one stop earlier than needed and walk the extra block to work every day (Movement)

* Park as far away from the store each time you visit it in a week to get in the extra steps (Movement)

* Set a timer to stand up and stretch and take a quick lap around your office every hour or two if you generally sit for most of your workday. (Movement)

* Start a journal and write three thoughts about your day every night (Mindset)

* Start a #66daysofgratititude Instagram project and capture and share something you are grateful for every single day. (Mindset)

The goal is to gradually add positive behaviours into each day that will add up to long term improved health and wellness, but the starting line ought to be something within reach. I look forward to seeing what each woman will choose to focus on each week and being able to celebrate the little victories as they do. As Mr. King so eloquently points out, “(y)ou don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”

For details and to sign up for the RRM 66, click here!



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