Home Gym Love: 7 Reasons to Reconsider Resistance Training at Home

Home Gym Love

I live in a small community where the childcare and fitness facility options are somewhat limited. I’m lucky enough to be able to stay at home and work while raising my kids, but my husband travels often for his work so I can’t depend on him taking care of the littles while I get some much needed self-care time in every day. I had to find a new solution. The answer was found in setting myself up a small corner of the house dedicated to a home gym. It has nearly taken over the entire basement at this point, but in the beginning it was just me, a chair, my body weight and a few sets of light weights. I know many people have hang-ups about working out at home or in the sight line of their children, but I believe that if you change your perspective about it a bit you can come to enjoy it immensely.

Here are 7 reasons you might want to think about working out at home:

1. It’s convenient. It works when you work it in. Have a child that is nearly guaranteed a nap at some point each day but a fairly large window between acceptable times? No problem. Get moving quickly, when you can fit it in.

2. Working out at home can be extremely cost effective, especially when you are just starting out. There are hundreds of options for body weight only resistance training. All you need to start is a little google or Facebook prowess, and the desire to get moving. And some crazy pants. (Crazy pants not actually required, just recommended).

3.  Making silly faces and noises is 100% acceptable in the company of toddlers and preschoolers. They encourage it even. They don’t judge.

4. The time from thinking “I feel like working out” to actually working out can be as short as the time it takes you to lace up your shoes. Because let’s be honest, you’re probably in leggings or yoga pants at home anyway, right? Throw on a tank and you’re off. Unless you are already wearing a tank too. Fist bump.

5. On the subject of what you are wearing, you can workout in anything you are comfortable in. I like squatting with bare feet, which is considerably less gross on my floor than it would be at the gym.  Unless my son has been within 3 feet with any sort of snack. Then it could be dodgy.

6. You get control of the tunes, and can fill the room with the sounds you love.

7.  You are quite literally modelling healthy behaviours, self-care, and movement to your children.

Look, I won’t sugar coat it, sometimes working out with your kids being their crazy, energetic, slightly dangerous selves all around you can suck. Most people value the focus and alone time a workout can bring, both of which are pretty much off the table in a home gym/playroom situation.

It’s not always ideal.

It is however always more ideal than the workout I regret not doing, so I make it happen. Every time I add a piece of equipment there is extra excitement for a few days. The stability ball and the TRX have been the most exciting things yet. But, eventually they settle down again into our routine, which includes singing, dancing intervals between sets, jumping on the tiny trampoline while I pretend to jump rope, building things, and yes, glute bridges and planks with toddlers for weights.

It’s slower, and less focused surely. But it’s fun for us most of the time. I like that I am teaching them to associate exercise with fun in our every day lives. I love that one of the first creative things my daughter did with her foam blocks was make a tiny set of dumbbells that she used when I used mine.

It is because of them that I decided to get my shit together to find healthy and live it, it has always felt natural that they are a part of the actual execution of what that looks like in real life. I have, of course, added a lot of bells and whistles to my home gym since I started working out in it 2 years ago, but in the beginning, I started with a set of 3s, a set of 5s, a set of 7s, and my body weight.

More than enough to be stronger each day!


  • Briana Darbyshire

    February 17, 2015

    Love this article, mama! I love working out at home! Sometimes I even hit it in my fleece jammy pants!

    • Amber

      February 21, 2015

      There are days that jammies are the only answer!!