Quick! Lock the Door!

My husband’s office is the only door in the house with a lock on both sides.  He telecommutes from home and is often on long conference calls throughout the day in which he is presenting various things and making stuff happen, stuff that is infinitely more difficult to do with two toddlers crawling on him.

But lately, well, we’ve been taking advantage of that lock.

We have two kids under four, to say that our sex life has changed in the last four years is a bit of an understatement.  Even if we are lucky enough to have the bed to ourselves for any substantial amount of time at night chances are good that it took a significant amount of toddler wrangling to get there and we both collapse into bed exhausted.  There is nothing sexy about exhaustion.

I’ve learned that every now and then when the sun hits the windows just right, the wind is blowing in the correct direction and everything is in perfect balance (ie. Our son is having a nap and our daughter is comfortably situated with a novel craft or project, ample snacks, and chocolate milk), we will get a chance to bang one out.  And by golly, we have been taking it.

It’s not particularly romantic, there are no candles burning and the soft music is missing.  Although, truth be told, if there were candles burning and soft music playing I would probably laugh.  And what it lacks in romance is more than made up for with the resulting good mood, endorphins, and affection.  Here are my top five reasons to jump your partner for an unexpected quickie today!

It’s Free:  And I don’t mean financially, although that is a nice perk as well.  Being intimate during the day where there is no hope of turning off the lights can be scary at first, but if you just let go in the moment, you could be set free.

It’s a Fix: For a bad mood, a stressed mind, a sore body.  What a fantastic way to work out that delayed onset muscle soreness.  So I’ve heard.

It’s Fast:  If your time together could be interrupted at a moment’s notice by a tiny voice on the other side of a locked door it becomes a bit of a competition.  A how awesome can I make this for my partner in the next 2.6 minutes competition.  The best kind.

It’s Fresh:  Jumping your partner for a spontaneous rendezvous in an unexpected place is an exciting way to change things up and get out of the rut of routine.

It’s Fun: At least, I hope it is for you!   And it often leads to landing in bed later that night with a touch less exhaustion and a lot more frisky.  If you get nothing else from this column in the next few months I hope it is a desire to make things fun in your bedroom (or office…laundry room…car…whatever).

Until next week, stay frisky!

xo Amber

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